Very popular variety, that under certain conditions can offer remarkable wines. Contemporary, high quality roditis wines possess clear, lemony fragrances, light to medium body and refreshing acidity.


Historic quality, with a tradition in Attica and central Greece. Possesses subtle but distinct fragrances of yellow fruit and freshly cut grains, a round finish and a very balanced presence.


One of the kings of white varieties. Possesses a white friut smell character, in colder climates and exotic fruit in warmer climates. Chardonnay wines always present themselves as rich and with a high taste volume.


Its typical fragrances, of citrus, grapefruit and green raspberry are complimented in greek vineyards with notes of melon and unripe white-flesh. Its finish remains crisp, light and refreshing, without becoming aggressive.


The typical features of this variety are the subtle fragrances, with notes of apricot and mint, the relatively rich body and round presence in the mouth. The variety's low profile allows its wines to accompany easily an array of foods.


Rare world class white variety. It has a fresh and mineral character and presents intense fruit fragrances and a reasonably dense structure. It goes well with food, especially with roasted fish and seafood.


It stands out for its deep, crimson colour. Its intense smell has remarkable fragrances of dark fruit, cedar and spices and often of oak. Its finish is dense in structure and firm, with toned tannins and high acidity.


In Greece it's expressed with fragrances of ripe dark fruit, along with sweet balsamic notes, and a mild, easy to drink taste. Its full, mellow presence guarantees enjoyment and pleasure.


Characterised by small, dark grapes. Produces an almost black wine, fragrances of dense dark fruit, licorice and chocolate and an overabundant, pulpy and mellow finish.