The fields
Erythres has always been a agricultural village. The former municipality's surface area covers more than 10,000 hectares and its fields produce a variety of quality goods. Some of the most predominant products are grains and cotton, while greens and vegetables are scarce, due to the rare capability for irrigation.

Viticulture has always been a tradition in the area. The major development, though, started in the '70s and ever since there has been steady progress, making the plains of mount Kithairon one of the major viticulture areas in Greece.

Our vineyards
We cultivate our vineyards on the plains of mount Kithairon with continuous personal labour. From planting to harvest, the art of viticulture requires devotion, knowledge and constant care.

Dryland farming and low yield per hectare provide high quality and excellent taste features to the grapes, which in turn become the raw material for the winemaking stage.

> Our grape varieties